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Has your home been disrupted by a sudden plumbing disaster? Picture this: it’s late at night, and out of nowhere, a pipe bursts, turning your peaceful abode into a chaotic water park. Who do you call in such an emergency? The answer is 247 RAPID RESPONSE.

We are not just your run-of-the-mill plumbing service; we are your 24/7, emergency plumbing rescuers at the heart of London. We understand the urgency, the panic, and the stress caused by unexpected plumbing issues and we are here to help.

Choose 247 RAPID RESPONSE, where we turn catastrophes into solutions. Experience the peace of mind that comes with our exceptional emergency plumbing services.

We’re just a call away, anytime, anywhere in London. Put us to the test, because we attend your emergency with urgency.

To get started with a free quote or some expert advice from our team, don’t hesitate to reach out today!

Common emergency plumbing problems we can solve

Our team has extensive experience in handling plumbing tasks for homeowners in the local community. Additionally, we excel at providing comprehensive solutions for businesses, even those with more complex needs.

Here are some of the tasks we’re regularly called out for:


Leaking pipes

247 RAPID RESPONSE's team is ready to address leaking pipes promptly, preventing significant water damage. Count on us to solve the issue effectively and efficiently.


Burst pipes

Our company specialises in resolving pipe burst and flooding emergencies caused by extreme weather or deterioration. With our expertise, we can efficiently address and mitigate the damage caused by these incidents.


Blocked drains

Our experts can solve the issue of a blocked drain by providing quick and efficient solutions, preventing slow water drainage, corrosion, flooding, and sewage backup.

toilet (2)

Overflowing toilets

A common issue that requires immediate attention to avoid water damage and potential health risks.


Broken water heaters

Our specialists can effectively address water heater issues, resolving problems such as a lack of hot water or potential leakage and flooding. Their expertise ensures efficient solutions and peace of mind any time of the day.


Gas leaks

Although not strictly a plumbing issue, our engineers are equipped to handle gas leaks which can be very dangerous if not dealt with swiftly. All of our engineers are Gas Safe registered meaning that you can guarantee a fast, safe and long lasting fix.


Dripping taps

While less urgent, the constant dripping can lead to higher water bills and is often a sign of bigger underlying problems. We can remove this annoyance for you and conduct a thorough investigation to make sure there isn't something more troubling at work behind the scenes.

Our team also provide an emergency service for

Our team operates on a 24/7 basis with a response time of between 30 mins to 2 hours depending on your location.

Don’t let a plumbing disaster ruin your day or disrupt your business. Give 247 RAPID RESPONSE a call today, and let our skilled and reliable team provide the emergency service you need, when you need it most.

When you choose Rapid Response, you can be sure of

One of the highest first time fix rates London


No call-out charges


12-month guarantee on all work

support (1)

Friendly and professional team of local experts


Gas Safe registered team


5-star rated for customer service


No hidden charges


No ULEZ or congestion fee


Same-day repairs

From day one, we have built our business on the principle of being 100% committed to customer satisfaction. Every member of the team is passionate about offering the very best in plumbing services at affordable prices.

Remember – we’re here for you, anytime, anywhere in London. Experience our top-tier customer service and exceptional skill set. Save yourself time, money, and potential disaster. Choose 247 RAPID RESPONSE – the number one solution for your plumbing emergencies.

Pick up the phone and dial our number now – let us resolve your plumbing crisis with speed and proficiency!

Find out more about our highly-rated plumbing services by getting in touch with our friendly team today.

Our team operates on a 24/7 basis with a response time of between 30 mins to 2 hours depending on your location.

Frequently asked questions

We provide plumbing services to all areas of London and the outskirts within the M25.

Yes, all of our plumbers are fully licensed and insured. We only employ highly trained and skilled professionals who have the necessary qualifications and experience to deliver top-quality results.

Yes, we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our work. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the work we’ve done, we’ll work with you to make things right.

Yes, our team of professional plumbers serves homeowners, tenants, landlords, and business owners.


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Choose Rapid Response for All Your Plumbing Emergencies

Why settle for second best when you have 247 RAPID RESPONSE at your service? Our seasoned team of plumbing professionals is equipped with the skills and the know-how to tackle any plumbing emergency you might face. We aren’t just experts at what we do; we outclass the competition with our speed, proficiency, and customer-centred approach.

Don’t let a minor inconvenience evolve into a major disaster. Let us provide the solutions you need before the problem escalates. Time is of the essence in plumbing emergencies, and that’s why we’re

Get in touch with 247 RAPID RESPONSE today for your free, no-obligation quote, and experience the difference that an industry-leading team can make in resolving your plumbing crisis.